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Let Go of Lockdown Luggage

As the seasons start to change like they do every year, and the blossoms start to bloom next to the quieter than usual streets; the feeling of renewal and hope starts to fill the air. This promise of change feels encouraging after a time of uncertainty and fear. Massive, merciless shifts swept across the oceans but here we stand at the forefront of another phenomenal change and it is time to let go of that which no longer serves us.

Spring Cleaning is coming to town and my clutter clearing check-list includes:

  • Move More – Our time outside was limited and the winter days kept us indoors. Now that the sun will start to heat up the streets it is time to get out more. Reconnect with your body by finding a fitness routine that is easy to start, fun to maintain and which keeps you motivated with results. Try something that you have never done before – Yoga, dance, walk the dogs, hike or maintain that veggie garden that you planted as a lockdown challenge.
  • Eat Fresh – During lockdown, our fast-food habits had to take a back seat, why not keep up with this trend? Fresh food in a balanced diet will do wonders! Aim to create healthy habits, not a list of restrictions.
  • Increase Water Intake – During winter we tend to drink less water – spring is a good time to start increasing the amount of water you drink as the days will slowly become warmer. Not only is water refreshing and cleansing it also plays a vital role in the functioning of our bodies. Drink more water!
  • Dust Down the Lockdown – Most of us spent a lot of lockdown time cleaning and clearing. Now that the dust has settled and we are getting out more, remember to keep up this decluttering routine in your home as well as in your head. The more space you create, the more space there is for something new.
  • Spend Time staring at the sky – Look up more often. Relax more often. Take time to appreciate the beauty of our planet.
  • Digital Detox – Clear out the digital clutter. Delete. Unsubscribe. Unfried. Spend less time in front of the screen as being constantly connected can be harmful to your health.

Unpack, readjust and focus on the new journey ahead.

Keep healthy and strong and contact a My Pocket Coach specialist for guidance and coaching during these changing times.
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By Johanica Havenga