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There are many ways to celebrate life

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There are many ways to celebrate life. There are many ways to celebrate life. The motivation to ‘have a merry time’ might be lacking as the dust of a dramatic year settles. But at My Pocket Coach we believe in inspiration. We believe in a mindful approach to staying motivated. Celebrate life by delighting in the things that you can control and release that which you cannot. Celebrate by becoming consciously aware of how you approach life.

Realistically reflect on your current position and take action to end this year in celebration!

• Breathe in – reflect on your year.
• Your routine. Rest is important – it has been a challenging year.
• Raise your heart rate with an enjoyable form of exercise. Connect with your body. Dance!
• Eat well – make healthy choices when it comes to the fuel you fill your body with.
• Sunbathe – recharge outside, spend time in your ‘lockdown’ garden and take your shoes off sometimes!
• Look up more often – at the sun, at the birds, at the stars, at inspiration, at leaders.
• Communicate – authentically. Sing if you need to.
• Shut down and disconnect – still your mind.
• Show gratitude. Appreciate what you have, appreciate your relationships, knowledge you have gained, the life that you have lived, and your health.
• Release with an outbreath.

So, shall we dance?

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By Johanica Havenga

Featured Image by Toa Heftiba from Unsplash