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Unwrap and Unwind

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As autumn announces its arrival in South Africa and the leaves turn brown, we begin to unwind and welcome in a quieter colder time ahead. A third of a year, that will make it into the history books, has already passed. We stepped into 2021 with uncertainty and a general feeling of anxiety. We have been focussed on getting ‘through’ this, rebuilding where we could, and holding onto that which still had a chance to survive.

The pressures to perform, adapt and change has been immense but it is time to unwind from these tides and take a moment to enjoy the sunshine of our autumn afternoons and let go of the anxieties that our bodies and minds have been accumulating. Pause, breathe and become aware of where you are both physically and mentally.

Like nature we should slow down, shed the skins of our younger selves and grow into the great potential that is inspired through change. During a Life Skills coaching session we incorporate and encourage many methods of stress release and stress management. Understand that what we have experienced throughout the world has a great impact on you, and that taking steps to unwrap your thoughts and feelings and becoming aware of any tensions and stress is the first steps in unwinding from them.

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by Johanica Havenga