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The STOP Practice

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Lockdown might have lowered to Level 4 in South Africa but the levels of stress are still on the rise as we are getting ready to shift into revival mode.

The STOP practice is a wonderful technique for when you are feeling overwhelmed or facing the new challenges of the day. Come to a halt, have a mindful moment to see with clarity what needs to be done next or that it is maybe not  the time to be taking the next step.

   S  Stop what you’re doing. Pause whatever you are in the process of doing.

   T – Take a conscious breath. Be aware and mindful of your inhale and your exhale.

   O – Observe and check in with what’s going on in and around you. Be aware of any thought, emotions or sensations.

   P – Pick how to proceed. Take your next step with intention and from a place of presence, wisdom and strength.

This technique is often referred to as the doorknob practice – as it can be done every time you put your hand on a doorknob to enter a next room or next experience. Apply the STOP practice to your daily routine to remind yourself to STOP. Breathe. Check in with how things are and Proceed with intent.

Adapted from an article by Dr. Mark Bertin