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Leader as Coach

The role of leaders, as we know it, is dramatically evolving. Within the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) climate that organisations are faced with, leaders are being called upon to act as coaches. Where it was previously acceptable for leaders to adopt a command and control style, they are now expected to be inspirational yet humble, co-creating the way forward with their direct reports, and encouraging them towards their best selves. The “leader as coach” concept supports organizational goals for practicing leadership at all levels and creating environments where people feel empowered to step into their power, contribute their unique perspectives, and act quickly without awaiting guidance from their managers. These pioneering organizations are equipping their leaders with coaching capacities. As coaching conversations become a bigger and bigger part of a leader’s role, many executives are learning classic coaching skills such as deep listening and asking good questions, then providing observations, guidance and feedback. The aim of these conversations is to help the ‘coachees’ think about themselves, others and situations in more creative ways and to help them develop greater self-awareness.   Our ‘Leader as Coach’ Programme is essentially a Mentorship Programme for leaders who want to adopt a ‘coaching way of leading’. This programme is a way of working with the leader’s style, imparting skills that allow them to lead their teams more effectively and impactfully in environments where change and complexity has become the norm.


  • Case for Coaching and organisational context
  • Coaching in the business context and specific organisational challenges faced with
  • What is coaching, Define Coaching
  • Differentiating from other interventions
  • The Coaching Process
  • Introduction to the Integral Framework
  • Key Coaching Skills
  • Relevant Coaching Models and Tools for Context
  • Coaching Programme vs Coaching Session
  • Practical Coaching sessions using Model
  • Booking Process:

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    The programme comprises two broad components of a total o 4 days:

    1. Programme coursework – 2 x facilitated modules of 2 days each to provide a foundational knowledge and skills base
    2. Practical application – case study assignments to embed workplace application and skills practice.


    1. Programme Coursework:

    The proposed coursework comprises 2 workshops of 2 days each.  

    • Workshop 1: Fundamentals of Coaching
    • Workshop 2: Coaching for Impact (Self and Relationships)

    More detail can be provided on the Programme topics, should you be interested.


    • Clearly understand what is coaching and how it can be incorporated as a leadership/ management style
    • Become more attuned to your people and what they require to thrive
    • Build more leadership capacity for connecting with your teams
    • Build a deeper level of awareness, confidence and competency as a Leader
    • Understand and practice coaching competencies
    • Additional workplace case studies are introduced to further integrate personal development, coaching and relationship skills
    • Build a learning space to share experiences and development areas in the working day of the Leader
    • Leave with a coaching toolkit to use with your people


    Who should attend?

    Management, Coaches, Executives

    Why should I book:

    Coaching is the leadership style for the future