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Business Change and Resilience Programme

We find ourselves in unique, unexpected and unplanned for times, where the global pandemic, COVID-19, has literally brought our world to a standstill. With this global time-out, the business implications are profound, in various different ways. Not least of all, the well-being of people is affected by having to navigate a new ‘normal’ way of working and living, where face-to-face interaction with each other is restricted, and filled with general anxiety and even fear.
The impact of this can be felt on a physical, social, emotional and even financial level as we shift into survival mode. As our national lockdown eases, workplace re-integration is a reality that employees, at all levels, would need to navigate to ensure a transition that is relatively seamless, while still upholding the performance of the business.
Pandemic aside though, we are, even under ‘normal’ circumstances living in a D-VUCAD world (Disruptive, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Diverse). This, in itself, requires that we adapt, change and reinvent ourselves at a greater level than ever before.
These changing and moving parts have brought us to a time where learning to be resilient, has become one of the most necessary skills to possess, and the reason organisations are increasingly investing in ‘Resilience Training’ and coaching for their people.

The Programme that we offer follows a journey-based approach, where we engage with participants on a regular, agreed-upon timeframe, so that they can add onto their skills, competencies and insights layer by layer.

In effect, the sessions are shorter, and more focused on specific topics (as proposed below), which allows for the learnings to be embedded on a deeper level.
This approach allows for both face-to-face and the online delivery of training and workshops.
We understand that each business differs in terms of what they may require for their people at this time, as well as working within different time and budget constraints. Towards this end, we have created two tracks for our Change and Resilience Programme, depending on your preference.

Track 1 is a series of short learning bursts; discussions which are designed to energise your employees for the week, while leaving them with personal/ team mastery tools that they could utilise to navigate the change and uncertainty going forward.

Track 2 is a more intense, deeper exploration into the skillsets that are not just valuable, but critical, in navigating a world with more variables than we thought possible. The sessions are longer, and this provides participants with the space to add to their personal and professional toolkit, while interacting with each other from the perspective of their rich, collective experiences.

Module Presented:

Track 1:

  • Understanding Stress and its Impact.
  • Managing Stress -Mind, Body, Spirit.
  • Recharging and Re-energising from lockdown.
  • Your Personality Type: Crisis and Resilience.
  • Working with vulnerabilities and emotions.
  • Increasing emotional and social intelligence.
  • Building Adaptive Intelligence.
  • Demystifying Resilience.
  • Understanding the Cycle of Change and coping strategies for each phase.
  • Everyday Practices for optimal functioning and effectiveness.

Track 2:

  • Introduction to Resilience.
  • Your Personality Type and Resilience.
  • How to build Resilience through Emotional Intelligence.
  • Practical Strategies for building resilience.
  • Courageous, Conscious living in times of change and uncertainty (based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown in Dare to lead.)

Depending on the level of Employees that engage with this Programme, we add onto these Core Modules, with Additional modules including:
• Change Management
• Time Management vs Energy Management
• Leader as Coach
• Introduction to Systems Thinking
• Courageous Leadership

Coaches involved: Linda Aiyer and Kylie Janssens

Booking Process:

Book through email [email protected]


Track  1:
• It is recommended that this Programme be facilitated as a journey over 2-3 months;
• Each Learning Burst will be facilitated in a 1-hour online session, preferably on a weekly or fortnightly basis;

Track 2:
• It is recommended that this Programme be facilitated as a journey for your employees over 2-3 months;
• Each module will be conducted in a 3-hour online session, with 2 x 15-minute breaks.


This Programme, is designed to energise employees / teams by focusing on topics that promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Should Track 2 be preferred, employees are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to thrive during times of change, complexity and uncertainty. More so, we provide a toolkit that can be utilised for future reference within the organisation.

Who should attend?

Employees at all levels who want to raise their overall level of well-being and even motivation for life and work again. In addition, those who are in management and leadership positions benefit from honing their own change management and resilience skills, so that they can influence and inspire their people.