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Book Launch – The Leader’s Inner Source by Rean du Plessis

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How do we lead in these times of chaos and complexity? What do we as leaders do when we are faced with an exponential number of variables that are unknown, uncontrollable and overwhelming?
Where do we turn to when our rational minds cannot give us the answers? What is our source?

These questions and their answers lie at the heart of this book.
Its shows you as a leader how to:

• Identify the opportunities that complexity offers and benefit from them
• Use your full potential and go beyond your cognitive abilities
• Engender real trust and create an environment for meaningful engagement with others
• Live true to your deepest values
• Build organisations and lives that make a meaningful, lasting impact
• Experience deep peace and clarity, even in times of great uncertainty and crisis

Supported by rigorous research and tested in practice, this book explains how exceptional leaders maintain clarity and stay focused, no matter what is going on around them.
It shows how great leaders create better lives, better organisations and a better world – and how you can too.

The Leader’s Inner Source by Rean du Plessis is available from Amazon

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