You are currently viewing Email Etiquette  – Short Course by MPC and IE Group

Email Etiquette – Short Course by MPC and IE Group

The Covid pandemic has resulted in many of us working online or communicating in a virtual world. More than ever effective email etiquette is required as this is a projection of your brand in terms of your education, expertise, level of sophistication.

This short course will include:

  • (1 hour) Evaluation of your skill and style.
  • (1 hour) Explore Syntax: correct grammatical construction.
  • (1 hour) Understand Sentence Construction.
  • (1 hour) Understand tenses, concord, word order, pronouns, articles, prepositions, redundant words and action verbs.
  • (1 hour) Acquire skills to expand your vocabulary.
  • (1 hour) Practical application.

Booking Process:

For more information or to book email us at [email protected]


A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session