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Present with Impact – Short Course by MPC and IE Group

Speaking in public can be daunting. In this short course, our team of specialists will empower you to present your ideas with aplomb and deal with any questions that may arise from the presentation with impact.

This short course will include the following:

• (1 hour) Understand whole brain communications and how you can communicate effectively to a diverse audience.

• (1 hour) Participate in a practical role play to measure and repair your personal communicative style.

• (2 hours) Utilise the tools of communication to communicate with fluency and variety as well as project effective non verbal behaviour that amplifies what you are saying.

• (1 hour) Understand the art of persuasion and diplomacy to deal with a challenging audience.

• (1 hour) Acquire nervousness control to eliminate nervousness.

Booking Process:

For more information or to book email us at [email protected]


A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session.