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Adapt. Adjust. Alter.

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While the country remains in lockdown surrounded by the chaos and disarray announced by the Corona pandemic, we might find it difficult to stay motivated. Along with our fear and uncertainty comes a pressurising buffet of distractions like loud neighbours, finishing up those- now unavoidable – home DIY tasks, ensuring a stable internet connection to manage those video calls, finding creative ways to attend to work deadlines, entertaining kids, homeschooling the kids, getting out of your pajamas, or just trying to resist that irrepressible urge to binge watch an entire series of Lost and forget about the world and its’ problems.

With all these “new” crucial items added to our already lengthy “To Do Lists”, how do we stay focused on what is REALLY important? Where do we find fulfilment? Will enough ever be enough? 

Here are 3 tips to AdaptAdjust and Alter.

Step 1: Prioritise your Spirituality 

Whether it is your faith or belief system, your soul shapes the essence of who YOU ARE. Of your values, morals, well-being, self-esteem, strength and ultimately behaviour. Your soul should be like a well watered garden. When you water your soul with kindness, faith and compassion sprouts forth a pageant of delightful aromas, deep roots and strong trees. When the soul befalls in drought, our skies become darker, hearts easily scorched, minds cloudy, roots dry and branches breakable. Therefore, water your soul so that your well never runs dry and your springs overflow with hope, goodness and self-control.

Step 2: Never prioritise THINGS over PEOPLE 

It has become easy to get lost in this fast-paced technological-era that we’ve stumbled into. We are constantly focused on our never ending deadlines, infinite lists to do, bountiful responsibilities and piercing screens; that we forget about our most important commodity – OUR PEOPLE. Ask yourself this: What are you doing all of this for? You are not going to be around on earth forever. What are you dedicating your time to? There are many speculations about what happens when we leave this earth, but most theories suggest that we leave everything behind. Your relationships and connections to people is something that will live forever with love and memories but when you leave you leave behind that flat screen tv graciously displayed in your living room, that new iPhone resting in your pocket, the couple of cents in your wallet, and the four wheels resting in your garage. So what is more important during this lockdown period? The new game of candy crush on your phone or spending time with your son or daughter in the garden? Watching that movie on Netflix or having a cup of coffee with your significant other to find out where their mind is at? NEVER prioritise things over the people you care about.

Step 3: BALANCE (Pizza)

I am not suggesting that you get rid of that lengthy to-do list and throw bountiful responsibilities out of the window. Everything is about BALANCE.  Place your life on a metaphorical scale. If you spend most of your time on your work, your relationship with your hobbies, family and spouse will deteriorate. On the other hand, if you spend more time on hobbies, family and spouse, you might not be able to keep a job in order to provide for them. BALANCE is key.  I would like to encourage you to partake in the Pizza Experiment.

Draw a pizza on a blank piece of paper and allocate each slice to an important part of your life. You get to choose how many slices you would like to cut your pizza into and fill it with every topping of your choice. We each get to create our totally own unique perfect pizza! Some relationships, hobbies, alone time and some extra work and studies and a bit of baking and reading on the side. When the Pizza is done the challenge begins – You now need to make sure that you balance out those pizza pieces and spend time with each piece allocation. Your pizza could change over time so make sure that you constantly Adapt, Adjust and Alter. 

By Elri Wium

Photo by Salome Watel on Unsplash