EvolvEQ Evolution Solution

Through a process of self-discovery, learning and development, your personal EQ evolution will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The following steps are recommended during the EvolveEQ process:

E – Evaluate
My Pocket Coach recommends that you complete the initial EvolvEQ assessment to evaluate your current EQ levels and identify the areas for growth and development. This can be booked through MPC.

V – Validate
Analysing your EvolvEQ assessment results, using the EQ codes and keys, to help you reflect on and validate your scores.

O – Order
Prioritise and plan which codes and keys are most important for you to focus on to develop your EQ.

L – Learning
Implement the relevant training, coaching and development initiatives to help you achieve your EQ goals.

V – Verify
Complete a second assessment to re-evaluate your EQ and identify the areas of improvement and achievement.

E – Engage
Use your improved EQ skills to achieve the best possible results in your personal and social life.