MindEase Guidance

Studies proved that mindfulness and meditation lead to higher work efficiency, reduction in stress and greater health benefits.
Many successful leaders around the world, including Oprah Winfrey and Ray Dalio CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund, are sponsoring employees and/or participating in 20 minutes of meditation a day. They are participating because meditation produces big benefits! Today meditation is regarded as the ultimate workout leading to a higher work rate efficiency, reduction in stress and numerous health benefits.

  • Practicing mindfulness and Meditation lowers your level of stress. Whatever the source of excessive stress in your life, it is simply not good for your health. You cannot always change your outer circumstances or control what happens to you, however, you can significantly increase your inner resilience to stress and counteract its negative impact by regularly practicing meditation techniques. Everyone can learn to meditate and gain the enormous emotional, psychological and health benefits easily and naturally.
  • An effective meditation technique needs to be simple, comfortable and produce the results that make you want to incorporate it into your daily experience. The key is consistency – making time daily to be quiet, to breathe and to connect with the self.
  • MindEase or Hakalau or Peripheral Meditation is an open-eye or waking meditation. Haka means “to focus in” and lau means “to spread out.” This ancient meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system through accessing peripheral vision and the alpha brain wave pattern—which is a fancy way of saying it helps you to reduce stress and relax. And it’s fair to say everyone could use a little more of that!

Practice this by following these steps:
If possible, go outside. If not, the bigger the room the easier this will be.
Set your timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Start by taking four deep breaths – in through the nose and gently exhale through the mouth.
Start to lengthen the exhale, making it about twice as long as the inhale. This will help to bring focus and attention.
Pick a spot on the wall to look at, preferably above eye level.

A good mantra to focus the mind is: “Gently Alert. Awareness Wide Open”

As you stare at this spot, repeat your mantra and let go of any thoughts as they appear. Continue focusing all of your attention on the one spot.
Notice that, within a matter of moments, your vision begins to spread out and you see more in the peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision.
Now, pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision, without redirecting your gaze.
Practice staying in this state for as long as you can and simply notice how it feels.
When your timer goes off, slowly blink your eyes, take a couple moments to center yourself, and continue on with your day.