Tips towards a better tomorrow

Life can be confusing, unsettling, even frustrating at times when the direction we’ve wanted to go in meets big obstacles and pitfalls along the way. It’s easy to get demotivated and give up on your dreams. But there is a way to get yourself back on track. This guide will help you to navigate your way through obstacles and set a new path forward that is authentically connected to your own higher wisdom and awakening a power inside you that is greater than anything you will encounter in the outer world. As you begin to excavate this journey of self-discovery new opportunities will avail themselves to you and you’ll find yourself capable of moving your life from one of fear to freedom.
  1. Your thoughts, feelings and intentions manifest in your life. When you change your thoughts, feelings and intentions, you change your life. Use your emotions as a GPS to alert you to the fact that you are coming to some conclusions that no longer serves you. If you are experiencing thoughts of “not good enough” shift them to “I know a self-accepting option exists for me now. Right now, I choose to focus on appreciating myself.”
  2. Think of any negative emotions that you are feeling related to your Career, Health, Relationships, Spirituality.
  3. Now shift these negative emotions into positive emotions that you would like to be feeling instead related to your Career, Health, Relationships, Spirituality.
  4. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein
  5. Journal often. When you journal, it connects with your higher thinking. Thinking creates feelings. Feelings encourage actions. Actions change our lives.
  6. People get entangled in the thought processes of the neocortex in our brains. This is responsible for all rational and analytical thought and language. It allows us to look at vast amounts of facts and figures, but it doesn’t change behaviour. The neo-cortex focuses on “how and what”; “How can I possibly do this? How will this work What will happen if/ when?” The challenge for most people is that they are driven by this part of the mind that analyses thoughts and sets up obstacles – before the idea has been allowed to germinate and grow. Being limited to the analytical and critical understanding of “how and what” systems can stop any possibility thinking. This is the toxin that eats away your beliefs and dreams before they’ve been properly created and allowed to develop and grow.
  7. All great results are created through thinking, passion and action. Deep inside us is an innocence, a knowingness of the dreams we have come into this life to fulfil, it’s the part of us that is connected to our passion and purpose that makes us feel alive. Tapping into that imagination (the limbic brain – the middle two sections that are responsible for feelings, trust and loyalty) is linked to your “why”. With imagination you can unlock the realm of new possibilities and connect to your own unique higher wisdom. Your wisdom knows what you need, to be fulfilled, energised and happy. We are all capable of tapping into this unique wisdom and field of possibilities.
  8. Imagine you have the power to create magic and that you can make your wishes come true? Consider the positive emotions that you wanted to feel towards the areas in your life above in Tip 3. Now use the full power of your imagination and answer this question. In each of the four areas, what would my life look like as a perfect 10?





  1. Take a photograph of your vision above and save it in a safe place, reminding yourself to look at it each day and become involved with your Tip 10 life. Don’t be surprised if wonderful opportunities and coincidences occur. Welcome them and express gratitude.