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Business Language – Short Course by MPC and IE Group

English is the lingua franca of choice in business and this creates specific challenges for second-language users. In this short course with our Business Language Specialists we will evaluate your style and recommend specific interventions.

This short course will include:

  • (1 hour) An overview of the tenses (past, present and future)
  • (1 hour) Correcting common errors when using prepositions articles, word order and confusing words.
  • (1 hour) The rules of concord, the conditionals and the active tense in spoken business English.
  • (1 hour) Techniques towards clarity and conciseness to eliminate redundancies and roundabout constructions.
  • (1 hour) Vocabulary enrichment.
  • (1 hour) Practical application.

Booking Process:

For more information or to book email us at [email protected]


A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session