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Leadership Lessons with Adrian van der Merwe

Adrian is the CEO and co-founder of two exciting ventures in the African market. North Wind Digital provides 4IR solutions for clients, from Business Process Outsourcing to large scale deployments including Strategy, Implementation and Support. Their vision is to enable customers to scale automation, machine learning and AI solutions within their environment with a rapid ROI to build momentum for exponential optimisation.

Sonum International Africa is Africa’s leading OneStream Software implementation partner. A Diamond partner with deep experience and depth of capability to deliver. Their vision is to enable clients Finance functions using OneStream software as the leading CPM solution in the market.

Gail Cameron met with Adrian to find out more about his journey.

Top Lessons learnt through leadership experience:

  • Networking is a very important skill – good personal and professional relationships are crucial.
  • Have clear values.
  • Encourage feedback – Feedback can identify issues which can then be addressed.
  • Wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. Be open to their advice and guidance.
  • It is in unknown environments where we build resilience. Explore many different areas and learn how to adapt to change.
  • You will make mistakes. It is how you deal with them that counts.
  • There are no wrong strategies but only some are successful.
  • Push your comfort zones, challenge them. This is how you will learn.
  • Set small milestones, short term goals, and take them one day at a time.
  • Pursue the opportunities that arise.
  • Mindfulness helps you stay motivated and present.

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