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We need to talk…

Communication is the foundation of all human interaction.

Communication is used to convey thoughts and feelings, resolve conflict, present with flair, convince, confuse and compliment. Speak up to inspire others, explain, educate and break the silence.
Humans make use of more than words to transfer meaning; we send and receive messages through gestures, postures, spatial relationship and our appearance. Combining non-verbal communication with our negotiation skills, influencing tactics, conversation style, and an understanding of our vocal capabilities, we can enhance our personal impact power.

Language is a very powerful tool; when implemented in the most effective way it can announce love for another, share inspiring stories, come up with bright ideas, bring about or abruptly stop wars, even change the course of history.
The way that we combine the perfect selection of words for a sentence or a statement, communicate it to others, and express our true thoughts and feelings, forms part of our identity. It creates our reality.

At the IE Group and My Pocket Coach our specialists offer a range of conversation, communication and language skill sessions and/or workshops. Ranging from Small Talk, Email etiquette, Social Speeches and Presentations through Voice and Speech application right to Strategic Communication – and many more.

May you be ready and skilled for the next time you hear the phrase…We Need To Talk.

Johanica Havenga