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Leadership Lessons with Vanessa Olver

Gail Cameron, Founder and Managing Director of My Pocket Coach and The IE Group, one of South Africa’s leading executive coaching firms, discusses the upheavals and triumphs of leadership with Consultant, Vanessa Olver. Vanessa has held the title of Chief Enablement Officer at ABSA and is a dynamic leader and business woman, wife and mother.

Top Leadership Tips from Vanessa:

  • Never, never never give up.
  • Continue to dream.
  • Move towards the next and new chapters when it is time.
  • Keep expanding your circle of influence through conscious networking.
  • Foster motivation with a common purpose and a common goal.
  • Integrity is a critical value.
  • Being solution orientated, innovative and creative is what will set you apart.
  • A leader must be empathetic – Have empathy for the lives and challenges of everyone.
  • Aim to leave a place better than you found it.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world!” Gandhi

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