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Mental Health Check

Take a moment to check in with your mental health.

During the last two years we have been driven by disasters to make the necessary changes to continue a comfortable life. The medical fields made fast and effective advances, we realised the importance of healthy bodies, and we have made a shift online resulting in happier employees, less traffic, and an overall good impact on the environment. We exist in the balance of chaos and order.

When chaos arrives, so does change. Change interrupts the perfectly planned path we were on. Change can bring loss accompanied by grief. Chaos is uncomfortable and change can take its toll on the mind. But chaos will soon again be balanced with order, and with it a new way of life.
We encourage you to take some time for mental health. Check in with yourself to see how you are coping with the universal chaos and change – no matter how well you managed to keep your house in order. Check in with your strong friends too.
May you face all changes with a healthy mindset.

Here are 6 Mental Health Tips by Dr. Mike Hansen
Exercise – Aerobic and resistance exercise displays improvements in mental health. Low to moderate intensity exercise improves mood without increasing tension and fatigue.
Eat Well – Research is showing the increased risk of developing depression and anxiety when consuming a highly processed western diet.
Sleep – Optimise your sleep space; eliminate screens before bedtime and incorporate a form of mindfulness or relaxation into your routine.
Nature – Healthy sunlight exposure plays a vital role in mental well-being.
Connect – As social beings it is important to maintain healthy relationships.
Stay Positive – There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Johanica Havenga
Executive Coach and Body Integration Specialist

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