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Let’s Live a Legacy

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This year let us spare no effort.
Put our heart and soul into it. Pull out all the stops and give it our best shot.
Let’s leave a legacy behind.
If there is one thing that these last two years have taught me, it is that my time to be alive is NOW.
Why wait? Why compromise or overthink? Why put it somewhere to collect dust for later?
I understand that fear is a real concept and present now more than ever – but are we going to let fear be in charge of our one chance?

Get clear on your dreams.
Know them, understand them, believe in them and trust yourself enough to achieve them.

Ask for help when it is needed.
You are on a planet filled with billions of brilliant souls. You are not an island. You do not need to do it all alone.

Take action.
All it takes is the very first step. Take it.
It is never too late; but the time to begin is today.

Johanica Havenga

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