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Tips to deal with stress, anxiety and worry

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South Africa has taken serious steps against the spread of Covid-19. Although anxiety and worry can increase during this time, we will be gaining our daily travel time to focus on combatting any arising anxieties.

Tips to manage stress:

  1.  Appreciate the Pause. Make time to do things that you find relaxing. Meditate, read a book or get you hands dirty in the garden. Unplug from news and media and the constant flow of communication for even just an hour a day. Break away from the constant information bombardments.
  2.  Eat healthy. Essential services such as supermarkets will be standing at the forefront of this pandemic to ensure that we have access to all of the essentials to stay healthy and strong.
  3.  Exercise. Many fitness professionals and coaches are offering online sessions and the fitness varieties are increasing daily during this isolation period.
  4.  Dancing to your favourite songs are encouraged.
  5.  Take deep breaths. Controlled breathing will calm the body and the mind. Take naps – during stressful times the body needs more rest.
  6. Welcome some humour. South Africans are known to see the lighter side of things especially during darker moments. Be respectful, be kind and share smiles where needed.
  7.  Limit sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Stimulants are known to have a significant impact on anxiety.
  8.  Stick to your routines. Routines are known to alleviate stress. Keep to your normal schedule as much as possible, making adjustments for it to be done within your home.
  9.  Cherish Connection. Safe-distance digital connections! Social networks all around the world have increased their reach – opening the doors to museums and libraries some of us would never had the opportunity to see. Books, courses, films and creative challenges are just some of the content doing its rounds. Connect with friends and family during this time in support to each other and the world.

We are all in this together.

If you are dealing with additional anxiety and would like to speak to a mindfulness coach please contact IE Group as we will be offering our coaching online.

By Johanica Havenga

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