Thoughts, feelings and intentions create our reality

In South Africa, there seems to be an awful amount of fear and victimisation leaving many of us feeling powerless and unmotivated. We are constantly being bombarded with information that urges us to look outside ourselves for solutions to everyday challenges. The truth is that we are NOT powerless victims. We have the power of choice. We have the power to choose our attitude that will colour our non-verbal behaviour, tone of voice, intention and ultimately, it is this choice that helps create your reality.

Many of us make thousands of choices every day. For some, these choices are mindfully chosen, but for the majority, these choices are made by the attitude that you have chosen.

Two people who share the same experience may have a completely different reality if one looks for the positive and the other looks for the negative in that experience.

The truth is that we are energetic beings. Similarly, our thoughts, words and actions are energetic expressions. Our thoughts are powerful expressions of energy. Our thoughts and the thoughts of others affect us and other life forms.

Researchers working in emotional intelligence have conducted experiments where they brought two people into a laboratory and measured their body rhythms – heart rate, temperature and brain wave. At first, they were completely different, indeed at opposite ends of the continuum. They then put these two people together for a fifteen-minute conversation and then measured their body rhythms once again. They were exactly the same. In fact, they were beginning to reflect one another’s body rhythms! We know that groups catch feelings. In teams, the person who adds the strongest influence into the group – is the leader! Leaders need to understand that they are the tone setters, they are the motivators or de-motivators, they need to be the positive keeper of their human climates. There’s nothing complex about this at all. When people feel good about themselves, they go the extra mile, when they go the extra mile, the company improves the bottom line. In fact, there’s a logarithm that predicts that relationship; a 1% improvement in service climate can lead to a 2% increase in revenue.

Dr. Cleve Backster, a polygraph scientist, conducted his famous experiments using plants and simple animals like shrimp. Backster showed scientifically that the house plants in his laboratory were influenced by the thoughts of people. When Backster thought about cutting or killing a plant, that plant plus all the other plants in the room reacted with fear. He recorded and measured this reaction of the power of thoughts with a sophisticated polygraph. Daily the scientist left the room to go to lunch. After eating, when he just thought about returning to the laboratory, the equipment recorded a spike in the fear of the plants at the same time. Thoughts projected by Backster were instantly communicated to his plants even though they were miles apart.

In 1995 Backster was asked to design an experiment for the US army. These results showed that the DNA taken from a donor’s mouth and nurtured in a Petri plate in the next room exhibited the same reactions to emotions stimulated in the subject’s body a few hundred feet away. Again, the result was instantaneous.

We need to remember that every living creature is an energetic being, as is the universal Field and consciousness. We are all part of the cosmic sea of possibilities waiting to be brought into reality.

Our thoughts are powerful energetic forces that we project into this sea of possibilities. Since, like energy attracts like energy, a positive thought attracts positive energies. Similarly, a negative thought attracts negative energies.

As we add the vibration of sound to the energy of thought, our spoken words become more powerful than our thoughts. Then as we bring forth our actions, we add even more energy.

It is therefore critical that for leaders to interpret meanings for others, to provide their organisations with meaningful vision and impetus, take a good long hard look at themselves. Knowing yourself and being aware of your strengths and growth areas is the first step to becoming an effective leader. Combine this awareness with the power of your thoughts, feelings and intentions and you will certainly get connectivity.

By Gail Cameron

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