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Leadership Lessons with Christopher Kistasamy

Christopher Kistasamy has been an executive leader in IT for two decades where he has provided sound technical leadership from development to implementation of innovative technical strategies aligned with business goals. Qualified with a masters in technology, Christopher has been at the leading edge of technology managing enterprise platforms across organisations.

Gail Cameron met with Christopher to find out more about his journey and lessons learnt as a leader in his field. Christopher shares great leadership lessons in the full interview below, make sure to watch it!

The Top 15 lessons that we learnt from this IT leader:

  • As a leader you will have power and impact – act with purpose and empower others.
  • Create an environment where people can connect with purpose; but make this a safe space where they can find purpose.
  • An organisation is driven by PEOPLE. If you understand your people, the work will look after itself.
  • Stay agile and open to change.
  • Remember that positive thoughts bring about positive things.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – this is how you will learn.
  • Know your craft – strive for mastery in what you do and take advantage of opportunities to learn.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who energise and inspire you; surround yourself with people who have different perspectives from which you can learn.
  • Understand that failure is part of learning. Acknowledge the problem and take action.
  • Take action from a logical perspective – not from an emotional one.
  • Don’t settle for the statues quo – have the courage to be great and to inspire change.
  • Be clear on your purpose and values – a value system is very important.
  • Learn to listen.
  • Have empathy.
  • Instant gratification could result in missing very important opportunities that patience brings to the table.

“People will forget what you said and did but not how you made them feel”